Non-Surgical / Face

Freckle Removal

Lesions, moles, skin tags, freckles and spots are bothering most of us. Those skin irregularities had to be treated by excision in days gone by, but therapies have changed all that. Laser therapies are also an efficient option for removing moles and tumours from the surface of the skin, leaving only a cleaner surface.Laser technology that enhances skin texture, tone and appearance with limited downtime.

This laser treatment is specifically designed to significantly enhance many trouble areas of the skin, including the removal of aesthetic imperfections of acne scarring or almost every other scar on the skin. By penetrating deeply and raising the temperature of the dermal, the laser is aimed at the surface of the skin where the surface of the acne is uneven. Studies show that laser treatment can also lighten more than 50% of freckles. It takes only a few days to repair the treated region and needs no alteration in your everyday routine.